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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I cannot go a day without knitting something. Anything at all.

Tonight has been all about dishcloths. Knit Dishcloths.
I was on Facebook this evening and saw the pattern for THIS cute hive pattern dishcloth. So, off I went making one.
Isn't it so cute!?
Then, of course I had the dishcloth bug, so I searched on Pinterest and found an eyelet pattern
If I ever make that one again, I'll come down a few needle sizes, because I think this one is too loose. I found that it is also a tad bigger than I like using.

So after much practice with those other two patterns, I decided to go off the map and use an easy no-brainer pattern and was able to whip up 2 simple dishcloths in under 2 hours.
I've got this friend at Yarn Therapy (mom's knitting group at the Senior Center that meets twice a week. aka Happy Hookers) that asked me last week if I had white cotton for dishcloths. She was wanting to make herself a few dishcloths for home. I found that I did in fact have white cotton yarn, so I went ahead and made the two simple dishcloths for her. I'll see if these are what she had in mind. Save her a little work. 

Tomorrow is the knitting group. I want to start another ripple afghan. Those are easy and brainless and I can make progress in case someone needs a baby blanket. It's always good to have a stockpile of baby shower items, especially blankets made ahead of time because they are the most time consuming.

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Theresa Smith said...

Funny I have a friend whose last name is Hooker so her minivan license plate is HappyHookers