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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Four needles, Frustrated and Fingerless

My friend Jess asked me the other day, to help her make THIS PATTERN FOR FINGERLESS GLOVES. So I had to try out the pattern first and see what changes I might make before teaching her to make them.
First off, I RARELY use double pointed needles, so I'm still deciding if I'll go that route for teaching...
Secondly, there are stripes. Which aren't so hard, just the yarn can tangle up a bit. I think this part will be okay though. There's also a thumb gussett which can prove hard to do, but I'm staying positive.
Then there is that have-to-make-two problem. I have this same problem with baby booties. You get one done and think "....DARN... I forgot I had to make two. WHY DID I START THIS PATTERN??!"
At last, you reach the end and see what a beautiful product you have. It makes it all worth it.
They even look cute inside out!

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