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Friday, July 19, 2013

Cantaloupe in the morning, Ashley take warning...Wal-Mart at night, Sammy's Delight!

Green Smoothie of the morning: Cantaloupe and Spring mix/spinach (the 50/50 mix from safeway).
As time went on, I realized Cantaloupe may not be made for my body. I didn't have a huge reaction, but I had a slightly upset stomach for a while.
This afternoon, ma and I took some yarn over to our friend's house where our Yarn Therapy club has QUITE a stash on this cool shelving unit. We are trying to downsize the amount of yarn we have in our house, and Pat (whose house this is at) has graciously allowed us to keep the large stash in her garage instead of us piling it up at our house, where we REALLY don't have room for it.
After Pat's house, ma and I had some lunch at Taco Time :) YUMMM.
We went home after lunch and tried to relax in the heat.
Before picking Sam up from work, I stopped at Safeway to get a few supplies for Cousins Night tomorrow. (I got graham crackers, powdered sugar, bananas and a head of lettuce).
I was thirsty and hot, so I stopped at Starbucks at the Safeway Gas station, and got Sam and I both Strawberries 'n' Cream Frappes. It did the trick. She was pleasantly surprised after her day at the daycare.
(Oh, fun fact....THIS is what I generally look like when I'm waiting for Sam to get off work.) :)
I dropped Sam off at her Visiting Teacher's house so she could help her work up her Resume, then I went home and gathered up the yarn that I took from Pat's house for my hombre purple blanket. I put them in this order and thus shall the colors of my blanket be known.

Now Sam wants to go to Walmart for something but I just want to veg out. (I'll probably end up at Walmart tonight)

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