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Monday, September 28, 2009

Short People are just the same as you and I

This story is not new.
But I love it just the same.

On an average afternoon in July, while my family still had Eli at the house, Sam, Mom Eli and I were hanging around in different rooms of the house. I know I was in the kitchen, but I was unsure as to the whereabouts of Sam, Eli, and Mom. I was sitting at the computer when Eli walked in to the kitchen and told me she was grabbing her blue stool and that she needed it. I ASSUMED, because she would use the stool to get to the sink in the bathroom, that she had just finished in the bathroom and couldn’t reach the sink, so I continued doing whatever it was I was doing. A little while later, I hadn’t seen Eli again and went to check if maybe she was in mom’s room or sam’s room with either of them because that was a regular thing for her.

When I went down the hall, I saw that my bedroom door was open and immediately knew Eli was in there, because my door was usually kept locked or closed, so some little thief was in there… I walked in and there sat the blue stool. On the floor up against the frame of my bed, with Eli perched upon my bed peeling stickers off of the sticker sheet I occasionally shared with her. She knew that she wasn’t to be in my room without me, so she immediately got a huge grin on her face and started jumping on my bed. Little turd! So I laughed because of her genius idea to take the stool with her because my bed is way too high for her to reach and get up onto without help. It was hilarious.

Elisabeth is probably the most intelligent two year old around.

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kuna granny said...

Aren't two year old's wonderful!!!