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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I HATE BUGS! (a past story as well)

I'm sorry that some things arent chronological, but awesome has happened in my past that i want to note on this blog. here's more amazing...

thursday, september 18, 2008
"i hate bugs"
last night my window was open a bit and i was up against the wall next to it, reading my book, when a huge mosquito eater thingy LANDED ON MY NECK. aKKKK. yikes. yuck. so i jumped up and got away from it to find where it ended up. i chased it around the room for a while, thought it might have died when i nearly hit it, and lost visual. i went back to reading, thinking i had won, when i heard the quiet little tapping of its feet on the pictures on my wall. let me just say, that is a creapy little sound. yuck. so i jumped up again to find it. at this point, i had my shoe glued into my hand for the evening. i found it perched on my blue picture frame. i did not want to kill this bug on my pretty picture frame, so i decided to wait it out until the bug would move to another object. well, he had other plans. he thought he'd just take up camp there. for a while. i waited. and waited. and then waited. i tried flinging air toward it with the whipping of my shoe. i couldnt bring myself to get close enough to touch the bug to move it a bit. no. so i waited. and then i finally got up the nerve to just try and move it, and it FELL. it fell in between my bed and my wall. SOOOO i moved my huge body pillow over to that wall and squished the space closed. or as closed as i could manage. im going to let it die under my bed. issue solved. ashley 1 bug 0. win.

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