"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm really feeling like looking to the past today...

an experience of mine from...

tuesday, october 3, 2006
"fried food and i no longer work together"
this morning i woke up and wanted to eat something, but didnt want to cook, so i grabbed a fried chicken wing from the fridge from the other day. I was just going to mind my own business and check my email and then watch some tv, when my mother rolled into the kitchen (in her wheelchair) and told me to get out the bisquick and eggs and milk. WE were going to make fritters with the old breakfast scramble from the day before. YAY FOR ME. i didnt feel like it, but i obediently worked through the fun. i have never had such a frying morning ever. i fried up the fritters and then made some apple fritters as well. GROSS. i now HATE all that is fried (at least today). i once experienced gorp point with mushrooms, and today i actually felt as if i were filled with vegetable oil. let me tell you, i'd rather die. i couldnt throw up, my hands were shaking and i just felt terrible. It is way worse than that too much chinese food feeling, or bad pizza feeling (i have plenty of weird food over endulgence feelings. i know. sick).

All i wanted to do was wake up and EAT MY CHICKEN! ugh.


monday september 25, 2006
"wood burns...hmmm who'd have thought!?"
the other day i was sleeping in just minding my own business when the fire alarm went off at 11:30. I hesitated and rolled over, trusting that it was just my families stupidity (of which i was not totally incorrect). About ten minutes later, i realized there was no way i would get back to sleep and i would always be wondering why the alarm went off (even if it was just bacon burning). so i walked into the living room and saw my dad at the firplace which was unplugged (we have a pellet stove) and got confused as to why the alarm would sound without a reason. My mother then proceeded to tell me that the pellets were damp, so my dad put them in the oven, THE OVEN!!!, to warm them in hopes of drying them out. well, dry them out he did, and some of them caught fire. Who'd have thought that cooking wood pellets IN THE OVEN would cause combustion. my family is crazy. but somehow he didnt burn down the house. WOW. JUST...WOW.

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