"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Monday, September 22, 2008

on the streets where you live

okay ouch. my fingertips are RAW. i just tuned my guitar (to itself). it sounds MUCH better. its like....music. lol. it took a while, but was worth every sore fingertip. it hurts so good or something bizarre like that. whatever. im excited. tomorrow ill get to hear some high quality (or better quality) strumming and such. tonight i made stove top stuffing and chicken. and we had cranberry sauce. it was a miniature thanksgiving with just sam and i. we watched the movie called 'american mall'. its kinda newer. a brought-to-you-by-mtv kind of thing. its really cute though. musical, of course. we love it. we also watched 'the wizards of waverly place' on disney and then 'i love money' on mtv. reality tv is sometimes really addictive. i love it. sadly.
my parents come in at noon tomorrow so ill be driving alone (sam has eli and b has to catch the bus from our house at 12:20pm) at about 11:30am to sea-tac. fun. ill be blaring my jonas brothers music. that stuff equals love in my book. i am so into the jonas brothers. AMAZING.
my cousin's twins are a year old, i dont know if i mentioned that. apparently coral took her first step the other day. wow. growing girls. 26 pounds each i'm told (by my aunt). i love and totally miss them. leslie said that jeffrey talks a lot better now and he still refers to my old room as 'ashley's room'. leslie's afraid he thinks i just 'went to work' with his daddy and will be back. poor kid. gotta love him.
today brandon was talking about how his class (preschool) will be going to the pumpkin patch. he was telling sam and she was like 'awesome b, that will be a lot of fun for you' and he was all 'yeah. you wanna come?'. it was SOOOO beyond the cutest thing he's ever said to us ever. he really does look to us like we are his aunts or even moms sometimes. eli does that too. she wakes me every time she's here with a loud 'momma!' outside my door. its cute. she totally owns me all the time too. we do this little finger pointing thing and whoever points first wins. (i made the rules and i tell her when she wins). its really fun. she gets a huge grin on her face when we point at each other. she doesnt like tomatos at all. which is interesting to know about someone at such a young age. it makes me really feel like her mom when someone is giving her something with tomatoes in it and i immediately say 'she doesnt like tomatoes'. life with brandon and elisabeth is just...confusing, stressful and amazing all tied into one.

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