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Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a beautiful day

This morning I somehow slept in WAYYY too long. I woke up...at NOON! well just before noon, but then took a quick shower and way out the door at noon.
Ma needed to be at the Center to sew by 1 and dad and I needed to be at the chapel at 1 for my presidency meeting (he needed to be there as priesthood representation in the building during our meeting).
SO, we hopped in the car, grabbed lunch at subway really quick, and dropped ma off at the Center just to rush over to the building for the meeting.
After my meeting, dad went back home and I joined ma at the Center. I knit on my purples a little while and then cut out and ironed some fabric from our scrap box to make 2 1/2 inch "jelly roll" size strips out of it for use in the quilter's donation quilts.
After the craft time, I took ma back home, and then I was off to my Visiting Teaching appointment dinner at my Visiting Teaching partner's house.
We enjoyed dinner together and held FHE with each other (my partner, her two kids, the sister we visit and her daughter and I). It was really cute. My partner's daughter is 9, she played the piano for our song (Book of Mormon Stories). We then watched a short video from LDS.org Mormon Messages by Elder Jeffrey R Holland about the Book of Mormon. We ended our evening with a treat of course! Carrot Cake! yummy!
I brought each of them a jar of my home made strawberry jam! Decorated with a RAFIA bow!! 

Who does that since 1990!?! I'm sortof a big deal...
Life was good today.

OH, and I heard on the news that the fire is 50 % contained today and they have dug out a "tight line" around the fire to contain it further. At least is SHOULDNT spread at this point.

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