"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Blueberries, Blankets, Books and Roast Beef.

Green Smoothie of the Day: Spinach, a banana, much blueberries and water. This was fantastic.
Mondays at the Senior Center are "UFO" days..... (Un Finished Objects) :)
Mom took some mending and I worked on my purples. Margo and Anna showed up and sat at the table with us. There were also a few people at another table painting. SUCH talent...
I needed (yeah, needed) a roast beast sandwich. I was definitely thinking Arby's. (oh yeah, and mom brought in her own container of blueberries and munched on those after her pecan chicken salad wrap)
After returning home with Sam in tow, we sat outside while dad and the repair man from our ward, brother Peacock, looked/worked at our refrigerator. We also found that there was a wasps nest in our Rhododendron bush, so dad got out the wasp spray. There are now dead wasps on the ground. In abundance. EW. It worked though...
Sam and I sat in her room while I knit (i made it through the second purple and am adding a dark pink) and she read "city of bones" to me. We are now on chapter 7. This was night two of Sam reading out loud while I knit on my purples. 
I am really liking City of Bones. We are planning to go to the midnight showing with our friends Ramona, Victor, and Jackie. I think that comes out August 20th. Ash and Sam book club has to stay with it. It's been really funny because when you read out loud and get in the groove, sometimes there's a mash-up of words and phrases. Making us laugh. It's great. SISTER TIME!

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