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Friday, March 18, 2011

Days go by

The following was my day, with the help of photos.
We picked up Sarah and went to lunch with Sam before taking her to work. While we were at lunch, I noticed that Sam has a bruise on her cheek, so I took this photo to show her.

After lunch, we dropped Sam off at work and then went over to the church building so that mom and Sarah could meet with the missionaries. I stayed in the car and continued to knit on the scarf I started yesterday for my dear Aunt Gail's birthday.

When mom and Sarah came back out to the car from their missionary meeting, we decided to go to Walmart for a few things (actually, we just really wanted the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs that we can ONLY find at Walmart this year). So, off we went.
This is what I picked up. Marshmallows, chapstick, Wilton food coloring and some cotton candy for my Sammy.

For dinner, we stopped at KFC/Taco Time. YUUMMM.

Upon returning home finally tonight, I sat down to finish up the last few inches of the scarf and put the fringe on it.

I've packaged the scarf up and put the addresses on it. I'll drop that at the post office on Monday.
I stayed home tonight (rather than spend time with Sammy and cousin Carol) to watch an exclusive preview of Deadliest Catch season 7 at 9pm, but found out after watching some Alaska show (not very interesting) for 45 minutes, that the thing that was about Deadliest Catch was only 20 seconds long and it was all the men standing near the boats and looking all cool in black and white. REALLY!?! that was why I stayed in tonight? THAT was what I waited through a weirdo show for? hmmm. I guess I love those guys on Deadliest Catch enough that it was in fact worth waiting to see, but really, I could've just looked at photos online.
Oh well.
Tomorrow I get to see ClaireBear and her momma. SO excited. AND I get to see my dear friend Randi. YAY.

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