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Friday, February 11, 2011

My hairstyles

Well, in the beginning, I was bald of course. That's me, the blonde, off the the left.
Most of the young years was me growing my hair out.

I wore it up a lot because it was so long. At school, I mostly wore it in a bun.

2001 was when I bleached my hair twice in one day. It was sooooo yellow white bright. My head burned for a month! I don't know if i have photos of this. I can't find them right now if i do have pics of it.
2004. For my senior year job shadow, I got my hair done by Jeanette. She cut and highlighted it. This hair was really fun.

2005. Growing it out a bit.

2006 was the year of the dark brown hair. I LOVED this hair color.
2009 was when Sammy butchered my hair in August. This photo was taken in October or something,
And now I need a hair cut, but haven't made the time to do so, so in the mean time, I either wear it off to the side or up in a bun-ish mess or a ponytail. Every once in a while, I wear it all the way down. Not too often though.

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Emily's World said...

I need a hair cut too! But I had a dream that they butched it so I freaked a bit.