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Monday, November 15, 2010

hp7 and the wind

tonight, as i sit in my room waiting for the power to go out because of the fierce winds outside, i am reading harry potter 7 in preparation for the midnight showing of the movie part 1 on friday. i am so excited for this movie to come out. its been a pretty great book so far, and im only about 1/3 of the way through it.
today at weight watchers, i weighed in 10.4 lbs lighter than october 22nd when we joined up. yay. im saving my money for an ipod touch with a camera for when i reach 20 lbs. my non food reward. i am so excited for this. ive been exercising five days a week with jackie herendeen, which has really helped the weight come off. ive made it a goal to never leave the clubhouse gym at rock creek unless im sweating. its been great. ive been using the elliptical for 25 to 30 minutes monday through friday.
today, my friend Ramona, came over and knit with mom and i and it was a nice visit.
i am so afraid of wind. this wind. we have too many things on our deck that could bash into my window and kill me, its frightening. well, not a ton of things, but its really really windy out there. the power will probably go out tonight.
im trying to find, online, a good place where i can donate baby hats that ive knit. ive been knitting up a storm of knit baby beanies. they are so cute. and so easy and quick. what a great donation project. i just need an outlet for donations. i'll find one. maybe eastside baby corner. maybe.
tomorrow i babysit chase and isyss and then again on thursday for a few hours. more money for my ipod! yay. i have a good time with the kids anyway.
my flashlight is really dull so i may not be able to read with it once the power goes out, so i should get back to reading my book. i have only a few days to get through it before the first movie of the two for this book comes out.

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