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Friday, November 19, 2010

a blog to take a look at

i recently was sent via email, a blog about at woman with a huge stash of yarn and no plan to decrease it anytime soon. i was reading through the parts that are in english (because half of it isn't) and i came across this:

"I sometimes wonder if I am insane or what's going on. Lately I have been buying so much yarn (on sales) that I am shaking my head. That made me think about how a lot of bloggers and knitters online are talking about how they are guilty about how large their stashes are, and how they should knit from stash, and reduce their yarn amount.

I don't get it. I really don't. I understand if you don't want to buy yarn because you can't afford it. Or if you simply don't have space enough to keep it. But to knit down stash just because you think you ought to? Nah, that's not for me. I enjoy my stash. I look at it, and I pet the occasional yarn skein or hank and I knit what I want to knit when I want to. I don't knit because I need to destash or shrink the amount of yarn I have."

the blog can be found at http://kariola70.blogspot.com
good stuff

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kuna granny said...

So glad you enjoyed her blog. I thought she was a riot! I think it is good to be passionate about something. Yarn, fabric, whatever......