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Friday, August 6, 2010

gather 'round kids...

I've got a story. One that will most likely go down in history in Riverbend. Not TOO many exciting things happen of this caliber, so we jump on stories like the one i'm about to tell.
It may or may not be ENTIRELY true, because I think I heard it... at least third hand.
Here's the story, as i've been told.
On August 1st, a neighbor of mine was out bear hunting, seeing as it was opening day for bear, but returned home empty handed. As he was outside that night, he noticed a bear rummaging through garbage cans at a house near his (the house right in front of ours, across the col-de-sac) and promptly shot at it with his...BOW AND ARROW... The bear, being in shock and probably some pain, was agitated and fled the scene, jumped the fence in the next yard, and made it's way down the street behind our houses. To my knowledge, the man with the bow and arrow then called the police to report what had been done and the police came to put the bear down.
End of story as I know it.
Here are some pictures that one of the neighbor guys took and sent around to all of us.

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kuna granny said...

Holy Cow what a story!