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Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 to do list

There are a number of things i'd like to accomplish in 2010.
On two 3 by 5 index cards I have written these things down and every so often I return to them to note changes.
I've recently seen some things accomplished from this list and thought it was about time to share. :)
The list is as follows:
Wear bows in my hair (CHECK. the below picture is of the bows I knit/crocheted for gifts. The blue one is the one I kept for myself. I love it the most)

go on adventures with beautiful men
make and wear slouch hats
visit seattle parks
make that big purse

knit tall pretty socks
feel rather than feed
go on walks when i'm bored
drink more water
eat breakfast
clean hall closet
sort papers in room
exercise 3x a week
(was doing this but went on hiatus in april)
scrapbook up to date
stop SODA
stick to weight loss plan
get rid of clothes I don't wear
read more books
(working on it now)
clean wall in living room (CHECK)
knit my own christmas stocking (CHECK! I just finished it up two days ago. I had no idea how big I wanted it, so I just went ahead and started something. Here it is!)

obtain a GPS (CHECK as of last week. obtained and named "KIT" the name of the smart car in the show "Knight Rider")


Emily's World said...

That Christmas stocking is huge!!!!

Randi Lee said...

Most of my to do list has prerequisites. Like obtain a sewing machine so I can quilt. Learn to knit so I can knit ALL day long. Get a new job so I can have better stuff.
That's only part of my list.