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Sunday, July 11, 2010

punkin' around in the sun today...

Today Sammy and I took advantage of the nice weather. She wanted a tie dyed bag (in the style of the bag I made yesterday), so I cut some white fabric up to the amount we would need for the pattern and we took the spray paint outside (along with a few shirts each to create on as well). I don't have a picture of the white tie dyed fabric, but as soon as I sew that purse up, I'll share the photos of it. It will be so cute.
The shirts we made are adorable as well!
I have these two great best friends, so I decided to make use of the shirts I had in my craft reserve by tie dying them up to go with their personalities (sortof). Mostly it was what I thought of when I thought of each of them.
Take a look. I'm really happy with how they turned out.
(the technique of tie dying with spray paint is called "punk tie dye")




Here are the shirts Sammy did (after the original tie dyed twisty fashion)

I hope everyone got out and enjoyed a bit of the beautiful weather today.

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