"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a machine. No longer living, just a shell of what I dreamed.

Okay, I'm sorry that this is (yet again) another lyric listing, but I SOO love lyrics at this time in my life. Everything is better said while singing, so i'll let some more lyrics do the talking for me.

 So I look in your direction but you pay me no attention, and you know how much I need you but you never even see me
 Say whats on your mind ‘cause I cant figure out just whats inside
 How do you redefine something that never really had a name?
 Reveal the way you felt when you could look inside
 Saying I love you has nothing to do with meaning it
 I don’t trust you. Cause every time you’re here your intentions are unclear. I spend every hour waiting for a phone call that I know will never come. I used to think you were the one. Now im sick of thinking anything at all
 The only thing wrong in my life are the arms that don’t hold me through the long lonely nights.
 I built you a home in my heart with rotten wood, and it decayed from the start.
 You cant find nothing at all if there was nothing there all along
 My head is weak, my heart always speaks before I know what it will say
 Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?
 I wanna shape the world to fit the way you move.
 Part of the beauty of falling in love with you is the fear you wont fall
 I know its easy to say, but its harder to feel this way. I miss you more than I should, than I thought I could. Cant get my mind off of you.
 I hate the phone but I wish you’d call
 This could be perfect. It could be worth it. This could be perfect, if I wasn’t worthless.
 Sorry I was the lesson you just had to learn
 These hands are meant to hold
 All you can do is try to know who your friends are
 I have no desire to see through my own eyes anymore
 Sometimes you gotta close your eyes to see
 Im not here to be around to be that girl that you forget about
 Cause all I want is just to be a song that you can feel longer than just right now
 If you’re in you know I’m in. I’m ready and I’m willing.
 All tomorrows come from yesterdays
 If all we’ve got is us than life’s worth living
 I aint gonna judge you, I’m just here to love you
 When you think that no one needs you, sees you or believes you. No one’s there to understand. I am. Ill be there to be that someone. when you think that no one is there to hold your hand. I am.
 We’re both looking for something we’ve been afraid to find. it’s easier to be broken. It’s easier to hide.
 She’d do anything to see him. he’ll see her when he’s got time.
 i used to wonder if I would ever have a chance to be something more than what you see.
 It wasn’t the other men, cause there were other women
 This just isn’t love its just a remorse of a loss of a feeling
 Even if I stayed it just wouldn’t be the same
 No one’s ever tried to ever let you down
 Some things you don’t need until they leave you