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Friday, May 18, 2007

I dont remember the slogan for Nyquil, but MAN...genius...

so the other night i hardly got any sleep because the sick night throat cheese stuff kept me up coughing. although, i dosed myself up real good with alavert, nyquil and excedrin. so when i absentmindedly drank two bottles of water and some hot tea (so that the throat stuff would stop), i was unable to function as a human. all my meds had kicked in. it was a feeling unlike anything id ever felt before. lost control of my head and walking was almost impossible. at least that was the point of the dosage, but my coughing was still happening. but eventually i was so out of it that i sulked on back to my room and fell to the bed and slept. i woke coughing in the morning and a bit still soon after falling asleep, but it in no way was as bad as it would have been had i not dosed. so bottom line. when you are sick take nyquil it does the job every time. i had always known that my nyquil worked, just usually i felt it kick in when i was laying in bed, not drinking water and sitting up in a chair. that was my adventure. wow. right now im drinking lemonade with some cranberry juice in it. my ninja spritzer as i shall name it (i call cranberry juice the ninja fruit, so ninja spritzer it shall thus forth be. lol). ramen noodles are patiently awaiting me as i type, so i shall not leave them alone for much longer. i had to share with you the wonders of the last leg of my sickness. that last stretch is always the longest. hmm.

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