"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Monday, May 7, 2007

· Did someone hit me over the head with the grill spatula before I wrote that?

This morning I brushed my teeth with baking soda because I realized I had never before experienced that strange of a taste. Let me just say, it stays with you. And you find awesome little baking soda flavored pockets of saliva that are continuously excreted (mmm use of word should be minimal) throughout the day. Then I washed my face with the baking soda (mind you, not the stuff I brushed and rinsed with…the other stuff that was left over). It was a baking soda type of morning. Seeing as how it is much easier to be messy all over my face and body when im in the shower, I used the facial baking soda in the shower. Over positive experience. My skin is rather dry though. My next quest it to find a perfect Ashley dry face lotion. That sometimes maybe doesn’t smell of waterbabies. Or babies not in water. Hmm. Painted my nails bright blue and then went to pick up my sister and we went to crossroads to joanns where we got pens and cardstock to make cards. I also went to goodwill and got a few good books (siddhartha [sp], all quiet on the western front, catcher in the rye, devil wears prada, so you want to be a wizard, and ….what was it?…love story) great selection for my awesome to be bookshelf of wonder. I should be well read in a few years. last night was Ashley sam brian jeanette movie night. We watched spiderman 2 and then 28 days later and then ate some pizza before going to see spderman 3 which contrary to popular belief was NOT a bad dumb movie. I enjoyed it much. although at times they did drone on in scenes where they could’ve used up oh say 5 minutes instead of like 15, but overall Ashley score of 8 I think. Yes maybe 8. fun, cute, dark, emo, selfishness, flying/swinging from building. Overall positive experience. Think what you will. Ashley will be watching it again at some point in her life. 28 days later was one movie I had not seen before, but seeing as how cillian Murphy is very interesting looking without hair and with half a head of hair, I was drawn in quite quickly to it’s grasp. Good time. Can hardly wait for 28 weeks later to be in theatres. tomorrow is a candle party at angelas. I should stay away from the brownies that are already setting an automatic attack switch in my brain. Just say no (or slow) Ashley. Just say no.

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