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Saturday, July 27, 2013

WIld Fire Day

Smoothie of the day: collard greens, water, frozen blueberries, banana and chia seeds. 
not a fan of thick smoothies. 
i need to only use fresh (not frozen) fruit from now on i think.

As I was driving home at 1pm after taking Sam to lunch, I saw that the mountain was ON FIRE!!! 
there were quite a few cars stopped on the side of the road near the end of this road where you get a better view of it.
As dad and I stood outside to hear the helicopter come from Ellensberg with the water bucket, dad showed me all of our growing vegetables!
jalapeno peppers,
and i think acorn squash!
Our neighbor has given us some Kefir starter. I will be sure to share what i think of it when its ready. apparently i can use this starter indefinitely if i keep it going every day. like a thin yogurt. Kefir is a live culture pro-biotic. all i have to do is put the curd like "grains" in 3 cups of milk and wait a few days. then drain it completely. the runoff is the Kefir milk or "yogurt".
This was the fire at 5pm when I went back to pick up Sam after work.
In the evening, we went to Joann's. I had some money left on a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I found some cool measuring tape fabric and some silver with dots. I plan to make some quilt squares (hexagons!) and a few baby teether necklaces out of the silver.
Ma got a salad, and sam and i enjoyed passion tea lemonade from starbucks. oh, and sam of course couldnt resist Coldstone. she is obsessed with a mix of cake batter ice cream with chocolate ice cream and kitkats...  it WAS tasty.

After our snack, Ma and I went in to Half Price Books (where i picked up the hand that first held mine by maggie o'farrell) and we were on our way back home. 
we couldnt see the fire on the mountain by that time. it was too dark out. and i think most of the fire on the mountain is underbrush.

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