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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Smile, and act like you like chili...

March 8th 2013, was my dear mother's 64th birthday!
THE GRAND CHAWHEE'S BIRTHDAY!!! (reference to "All dogs go to heaven")
To celebrate her all day, she, dad and I went to Finaghty's Irish Pub (where my brother works) for lunch. Sam couldn't be there, she was working. I snapped a shot of mom and dad. I said "okay, smile and act like you like each other" and dad heard "ok smile and act like you like chili".
So funny. classic dad...
Then, in the evening, we (ma, dad, sam and I) met with Boppa, Marlene, my brother and his family, and went to Los Cabos in town for mom's birthday dinner and a sombrero happy birthday song complete with the wearing of huge sombrero and friend ice cream. I was able to snap a shot of mom looking happily toward clementine while a candle burned in her fried ice cream.

We all had such a great night. I just love meeting together with my brother's family for ANY REASON. and i LOVE my mother. 
Happy Birthday MOM!

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