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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The things of November

All crafts I've made in November

A crown intended for my neice for her 3rd birthday, yet was worn by her father (my brother) the next day on HIS birthday while he was at work at the Pub.
I found out later, that this crown became my 7 month old nephew's crown because it fits his head just right. my brother added a few gems to it to make it cooler. the boy rocks it, let me tell you. he has NO idea how adorable he is. with his cute flirty face. ....i digress.

A friend at church asked me to make her the white headwrap with turqoise finishings for a gift for Christmas, and then I want to see what the opposite would look like. I'm a fan.

For my neice's 3rd birthday, my sister in law had asked me to make a cape. This is what I came up with. for one side.

with "though she be but little, she is fierce" on the other side (shakespear quote from midsummer night's dream).
While waiting for my sister at the doctor's office (she had two appointments, so i was there at least 4 hours...) I decided to finish up this carry along project. A wool scarf to donate to the senior center for some holiday baskets they are putting together for a few of the elderly housing appartment buildings for Christmas.

In my room, you will find a huge bag of old jeans. I say on Pinterest, a pattern for bibs, so I had some fun with whales, and giraffes and mustaches and such for baby bibs. I think I will list these on Etsy when I sew backs on them. And velcro.

The only reason I started making these wrist warmers was (okay maybe two reasons) 1) I had some cool looking wool hanging around unused and 2) I found a new easy pattern on Pinterest to try.
 They have been listed on Etsy.

A friend of my sister in law's is on facebook and had asked anyone out there if they could make this bear hat cowl thing for her 3 year old daughter. Jeanette passed along that I would be able to make it, so I contacted the lady and off I went on this bear adventure. It was fun and totally cute.
Upon delivery, the lady told me that she would tell her daughter that when she wears it, she can pretend she is the mom from Brave. When she turns into the bear. (spoiler alert!) CUTE!


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