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Saturday, November 24, 2012

One door swinging open, and one door swinging closed...

Well folks, here it is. The commencement of the huge Seahawks afghan.
It is so large and cozy, i hope the recipient finds it exactly what they had no idea they wanted. (this is for a woman to give to her son for christmas).


Just as I finished this project up tonight, I started in on the next one. A Steelers afghan. So now, I will have time to get tired of black and gold. Don't you love how that happens? Use something so much that you just tire of it.
I once made a sweater out of light brown yarn and never wanted to see the color (or the sweater) ever again.
I should stick to small things after this next afghan is finished.
I think I made quite some progress on it tonight. I made the centers of 18 squares and 1 whole square. It is a mixed style granny square afghan.
pictures to come...
I put all the centers in a ziplock bag, so the next time i'm just sitting around, I can pull it out and either weave in ends or start on the next round of the squares. I intend for this project to take me far less time than the previous did. Even if just for the fact that there is a month until Christmas for this one to be finished and the Seahawks blanket i've been working on since October. also with a finishing deadline of Christmas.
In other project news, these wrist warmers went to an long time friend the other day.
She plays the piano for long periods of time and needs something to warm her arms/fingers while still giving her the ability to move her fingers freely. I came to the rescue.

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