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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Steve Zissou Hat

One of my dearest loves, my brother, has asked me to make 10 adult hats and 3 child hats. All 13 hats need to be bright red and have an upside down traffic light emblem on them. That is, of course, because these hats are all to look like the hats worn by the gang on Wes Anderson's movie "The Life Aquatic".

Now, I am having quite a time trying to figure out just the right amount of stitches and length to make the hats so that they will look most like the hat worn by Bill Murray. This has posed challenging, so they will most likely double as the hat Owen Wilson is seen wearing.

WHICH I suppose is fine, because the cool thing about the hats in the movie is that everyone wears their hat in a unique and personal way. I guess the hat I am making will be absolutely perfect then...
Adventure Awaits :)

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