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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bread bread everywhere

I have really been on a bread and caramel corn making kick lately! It has been so fun! Bread for family. Bread for thank you's to dear friends who are helping us out. Spicy bacon Caramel corn and banana bread for Dad and the wolves (fellow male workers). Regular caramel corn for mom.

My bread routine is sourdough starter dough in the bread machine, then take it out and form into a beauty loaf and let rise again and bake in the oven.

We purchased a big box that fits all the bread we can use. It is wonderful. We open the box and there are at least three different loose was chunks to choose from. I am keeping my sourdough starter going so it is ready whenever I am for bread making.

The other night, we had ALL ASHLEY HOMEMADE DINNER. Split pea with sausage soup with my fresh baked sourdough bread used for parmesan garlic bread. It was so delicious! I was really impressed with myself. (Gloat gloat)

Todays venture will be white lemon zucchini bread.


L said...

Beautiful bread, Ashley!!! It looks amazingly yummy. :) I haven't had bread since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in December. I don't miss it until I see photos like yours, or get a smell of freshly baked homemade yumminess. I'm totally jealous of you right now, able to eat those breads! :)

Miss you!

L said...

This is Lacie, by the way!

Ashley said...

I'm so sorry you aren't able to enjoy this kind of bread anymore. I will have to enjoy it for you. Love you Lacie.