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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yarn Therapy

Well, today was Senior Center "yarn therapy" day again.
Of course, I didn't really have a project in mind when I went, so I brought my load of yarn and my supplies and a few pattern's i'd copied from ravelry.com and started up a pocket gnome (yet to be photographed, but i'll finish it up tonight and post it. its adorable) and this hat.

The pattern and hook size said it would make a 3-6 month child. WRONG. My gauge must be totally different from that because this is indeed an adult female sized hat.

I did have to add a few rows to the bottom and keep trying it on so as to get the right fit.

It's for my Sammy.

I made Sarah's grandson a little bag for his lost teeth. He thinks that if the teeth aren't in a pouch, the tooth fairy will drop them on the flight. He is cute.

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