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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Polly Dolly

My mom has this large green book. It looks very plain, but it has some good knitting and crochet patterns in it. The title is "The Great Knitting Book". We've had it as long as I can remember.
A few years ago, mom made these really cute dolls for a friend of ours and I just thought about them the other day while wondering "what can I make Clementine next?".
So, I grabbed some yarn and went about knitting a "tube doll".

The pattern calls her "Schoolgirl Polly", but I'm sticking with The Polly Dolly.

she even has cute little shoelaces!

(She also has black shorts on under the dress that you cannot see. Very modest little Polly.)
The pigtails were mom's and my idea. The pattern didn't list that as a suggestion, but I wouldn't make her any other way. She turned out just too cute.

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