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Friday, December 10, 2010

best day of the week

well, I have shopped for all but one of my immediate family members for christmas. at least the list is dwindling down. this week i'll finish up the other shopping and i'll be ready for christmas.
this year for christmas morning, we're going to wake up and go to brian and jeanette's house and have our christmas morning festivities instead of at our house. this will be really fun. 1) we get to get out of the house. 2) we get to see clem 3) we get to share fun family times and traditions in a new way this year.
cousin's night is coming up and i havent yet found a gift for our gift exchange. i want to find something that just pops out at me and says 'i'm what you've been searching for'. for once, i'd like to be a popular gift. lol. i always have so much fun at cousins night and i'm really looking forward to it.
today i'm off to pick up my quilt from my cousin's house! my wonderful aunt has quilted it up for me and transfered it to emily's house. built in bonus of getting to see emily and benjamin when i get the quilt! yay. (thank you so much aunt connie for quilting this project of mine!)

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kuna granny said...

You are so welcome my darling! We had fun doing it, Emily and I! I hope you like it!