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Sunday, November 21, 2010

what im saving for

as of yesterday, i have 200 dollars saved, out of about 350 dollars, for an ipod touch 32gb with a camera! i am so excited. i think im going to get this for myself for christmas. from the apple online store. and get it engraved on the back. not sure exactly what the engraving will say, but my name and maybe a cute quote or something.
i like:

"without music, life would be a mistake"
"i carry these songs like a comfort wherever i go"
"business in the back. party in the front''
''i move to the beat of a lot of different drummers"
"say hello to my little friend"

or something that monika and i have said or found to be a favorite quote.

i can hardly wait. there is this photo app that jeanette has on her iphone, that i am so very much looking forward to getting. it is called hipstamatic. it allows you to take photos that look like they are kinda antique. adorable stuff comes from this. i hope. and merry christmas ashley.

i get to babysit miss clementine mcawesome, given that it stops snowing, on wednesday afternoon. this will be really fun. i am excited. i love me some clementine. big time. i really really hate snow. i wish it would never snow. i mean, i know that the earth needs to rain, and it needs to be sunny or hot or cloudy, but why does the earth need snow? i guess it has something to do with the polar ice caps right? well then, why do things have to be frozen? couldnt there just be plain water in the oceans? uh. i dont know.

mom and i have colds today. we didnt go to church. we were going to take a turkey to aunt cathys house, but because of the whole snowing thing, we opted to wait a few days. she doesnt have a turkey for thanksgiving, and we do, so we were going to give it to her. i think nana and boppa, carol and scott, aunt cathy, sam mom dad and i are going to be there. maybe cassie, aunt carolyn and her friend julie. should be really fun.

i was thinking about harry potter books and thought that i love the name Luna for a baby girl. maybe i'll add that to my babynames list. i dont have a ton of baby girl names, but i do have plenty of boy names. not that im even close to having a baby any time soon.

tomorrow we will play by ear. sam has to get to work by 830, dad to work at 730 and mom and i sortof have to be to weight watchers in issaquah at 10. but if we cant make it out, we can try for monday night in north bend. they have a weigh in location. but we dont like the leader that was there last time, so we go into issaquah. i dont know if the leader is still this same woman, but we like the people and the space in issaquah. plus we never see people from our ward/valley. its been nice. and we could go to michaels or joanns or target after the meeting because theyre all right there.

man, i am sooo ready for my ipod touch. i really want the weight watchers etools application. i will be able to track my points on it and check points and recipes and it will be altogether awesome. i am sooo ready.
i was thinking i'd get the ipod, well after i gather all the money, after i reach a certain goal, but i could never really decide how far out i want to wait. ive only lost 10 pounds so far, so i COULD do it for 20 lbs or 15 if i were closer to 350$, but seeing as how im only at 200$, it will probably be 20 lbs. i need to do my measurements again just to see if ANYTHING has changed physically.
jackie and i havent exercised but once this week. on monday. i hope that we can get some more exercise in over the next few weeks. i know that exercising helps the weight come off much easier. i HAVE been staying within my points though, so im on the right track.
i think monika is coming home early december until january late. she always is home for the christmas time. she and i are going to make christmas cookies for our friends and deliver them. we did that last year, and it was super awesome time.

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kuna granny said...

You are so adorable! Goals are always a good thing! We just started another round of hcg and I am so excited to lose more of this burden I have carried for so long. Have you tried carrying a 10# sack of flour around with you lately? It is heavy!!! I have visions of 10# flour sacks tied to my body. Yikes!!! You go girl! You are McAwesome!!!