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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

my simple win

Yesterday, I made cupcakes.

(they actually turned out. NO burning. yay. I didn't use the silicone cups this time, nor will I ever again)
I had no plan in particular for these.
A wise woman once told me 'sometimes it's just about the baking process'. So true.

I sent ten of these to the wolves and kept the other half of the batch at home for the family to enjoy.
Dad reported at lunchtime that he and the guys hadn't devoured ALL ten of the cupcakes yet, but they LOVE the frosting.
my simple win.


Emily's World said...

Look delicious. Have any none dairy recipes for frostings and cupcakes.

kuna granny said...

Wow! They look wonderful! How did you do the icing? It looks really cool!

Ashley said...

i used a heavy duty gallon size freezer bag. i put all the frosting in it and cut out a corner then swirled it on top of the cupcake. i will NEVER frost a cupcake the old fashioned way again.