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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cute as a ...cupcake?

I made this hat for ms clementine mcawesome. adorable. i saw this pattern and couldnt pass it up.

a while back, i made a hat like this for ms clementine mcawesome and loved it so much that i made another one (this one) for my best friend's baby-to-be.

this interesting looking craft represents FAIL CUPCAKES. i cannot find it in me to complete a successful cupcake, food or fabric. i guess its just something to keep me humble and keep working at.

the picture below is how they are supposed to look. waaay cuter than the product that came to life with my two hands.

1 comment:

Lacie said...

I LOVE THESE! Totally cupcakes, and super cute too!
And the "Clementine McAwesome" totally made me want to visit the golden arches for lunch!!! :)
The cast of Twilight will be on Oprah tomorrow....