"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The earth MAY have shifted a little off it's axis today :)

This morning, mom and I went to knitting club at the senior center from 10-11:30 and then brought our friend Sarah with us. We went to lunch and then headed on out to walmart and Joanns! We had some fun. The following are some photos from my day.

Apparently Dora the Explorer has grown up?...Saw this at Walmart.

Walking through the aisles of Walmart can be interesting sometimes...Woody was hanging out by the pillows. He obviously knows where the comfortable places in the store are.
In other news, I was pushing the cart around while mom pushed Sarah in the wheelchair and I was looking around just because that's what you do when you're bored and have nothing left to look at in front of you. WELL, I saw this guy walking near another aisle and he was looking at me and smiling. I looked back and smiled. I NEVER DO THIS. I was kinda shocked afterward. I actually smiled at a stranger guy without him being our cashier or passing me in the aisle. It was a geniune LOOKING AT ASHLEY moment...I must have looked a bit less like a homeless person than usual. Two points Ashley. Three points smiling dude. :)

While we were at Joanns, I found many things I would love to have.
THIS was the true reason for our trip today.
My christmas present.

Mom and Sarah looking at the yarn. One of their favorite parts of the store. P.S. they TOTALLY matched today. black pants, red top. it was adorable.

Why on earth would anyone want this book? Isn't EVERY cookbook a book full of recipes with butter? Pointless book right here!

I want this book so much! Awesome purses in it.

After dropping Sarah off at her house, mom and I had dinner at Subway. I had black forest ham on italian cheese bread. yum.


Lacie said...

I really do love everything about this post. Especially the smiling part. :) Yay! And we'll have to get together and chirp with your Christmas present!

kuna granny said...

Wow, the world must have shifted and that is a good thing!!! Love you!