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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

14 degrees'll do that!

A few days ago this was brought to my attention by my sister. our near skating rink on the deck. dad chipped the ice off the faucet enough to put the weather guard over the...thing up against the house...spigot i think (but cant spell it) and now it looks like this.
This morning as i was going out to the car at 11am, i took the faucet photo and then got in the van to warm it up. when the car started i looked at the temperature outside thingy and it said 14 degrees!

yikes! people and vehicles are NOT meant to be moving at this temperature. By the time we had driven the one mile out of our development and up the hill, the temperature had gone from 14 to 24. things change rapidly lately. i am NOT enjoying the weather. i am enjoying the fact that it is too cold to make snow or rain, so little to no ice out when i'm driving, but i hate that the lack of moisture in the air is killing my hands. my hands and the universe seem to be drying out. breathing is even different. i can feel the inside of my nose aching for some sort of humidity, but my van begs for the temp to either raise 20-30 degrees or stay the same. we are not in the mood for a crash.

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kuna granny said...

Baby it's COLD outside!