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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Since the 16th or so...I have been sick. I do not LIKE being sick. First it was a headcold like thing, and now it's that awesome nasal drip heavy cough fun time. I would like to be finished with this, thanks. Today I am supposed to be at Activity Days with a lady from church, but I sent out some emails in hopes of getting a sub because I certainly don't want to take whatever I'm trying to get over, to the girls. Even if I'm not contagious anymore, this flu season is scary and nobody wants to hear people coughing near them...
I'm writing this while I should be trying to get more sleep until it's time to pick up Sam (my sister) from work at Noon-thirty, but I am sitting up in hopes of coughing less. I've taken some sinus meds and nasal spray, but....ugh. I used up all the niquil last night, so yay when I need that next. We DO have dayquil, which I will probably end up going for soon.
Sorry, I am just up and tired and ranting because I want to be healthy again and maybe talking it out will give me ideas, or distract me for a while.
Here's to getting better!

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