"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

Maybe I'll change someone's world with these words. You never know.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


1. I go to my bed at about 11:30 each night, but don't sleep until about 1:30.

2. "The family stone" makes me want to cry. In a very good way.

3. I eat way too much chocolate

4. and never enough vegetables

5. i've never done a cartwheel

6. i rarely shave my legs. ew, i know.

7. i hate owen wilson, but love luke wilson

8. i love the name Kennedy for a girl

9. i always want to cry with Claire Danes

10. ive never been kissed

11. "greek" is my current obsession on TV

12. my favorite food at Thanksgiving is cranberry sauce

13. i want to paint my walls using just my hands

14. i like my nails cut short

15. i use pens. rarely do i use pencils.

16. my niece will be born any day now

17. i have blue eyes

18. a boy once told me i got all the looks in my family

19. i love sending letters in the mail

20. i love receiving them even more

21. christmas is my favorite feeling

22. i love my handwriting

23. taking pictures makes me smile

24. all i really want is someone to hold my hand

25. josh hartnett is a genius actor

26. i havent read book 7 of the Harry Potter series YET.

27. my favorite colors on men are dark blue and green

28. my sister calls me "poo-face". i know its ugly, but i respond to it. And it doesnt bother me.

29. i could stare at a christmas tree all day

30. i really want to be married, but havent found him yet

31. fresh babies are my favorite

32. i try and try and try to be a great painter. I love doing it anyway

33. i hate soup

34. i wish my hair was longer

35. my hands dry out easily

36. i am not a fan of the sound of coughing (but who is?)

37. ive always wanted to someday be a mother

38. i burn myself every time i use hot glue guns

39. i make a killer chocolate frosting

40. i hate snow season

41. i love taking pictures when it floods

42. i like my feet

43. i made THE worst cupcakes the other day

44. i HATE halloween and always have. ive never really seen the point

45. i cover my wall in my room with people that i love

46. i want a manmate. i would hug him all the time and he would get my kisses

47. i need to change my fishtank water. soon.

48. jillian michaels (from biggest loser) is superwoman. i want her to whip me into shape. or trade mine for hers.

49. i spend way too much of my day looking at blogs.

50. i have a cough right now.

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