"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." — Anaïs Nin

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When you add it all up

In the early hours of right now, i was reading through my friend Lisa's blog and she had a list of things she loves. well i too have a ton of things i love and countless lists that tell of those things, so i thought a spur of the moment 'things i love that reside in my head during these early moments of today' list seemed necessary, but seeing as how that's a terribly long title, i'll think up something just as brilliant for a title when it's done....

NOW, for the list!

* a good homemade chocolate chip walnut cookie
* pink nail polish
* long jeans
* longsleeves on anyone and everyone
* the color brown
* anything john deere
* junior mints (especially when i'm at the movies)
* diet coke (but never with junior mints)
* warmth from the sun (but not HOT from the sun)
* books you never want to put down
* movies that make me cry 1)camp rock (i know i know, unnatural to cry at this movie, but i did) 2)the notebook (textbook chick flick, of course its one to cry at) 3)a walk to remember (who DOESNT cry during this movie?) 4)sweet november (it touches me so much that i have to limit my viewing of this to once a year) 5)p.s. i love you (if i'm not crying at those awesome love letters he sends to his wife, i'm crying over the fact that i can't have gerard butler to myself)
* throwing rocks into a lake or river
* sneezing
* pictures (all of them, but mostly those with deep expressions)
* friends
* laughing
* people that understand that when i laugh hysterically, it's not always for a particular reason, so they just let me do it
* listening to music
* the feeling of wet hair right after it's been shampooed
* receiving letters and sending them
* putting stars on my calendar
* sleeping all day
* a large glass of iced tea
* fresh babies
* listening to heavy rain while inside the house
* my ipod dock that wakes me to a random song each morning
* keeping in touch with old friends and new ones that i dont live near
* cutting my fingernails
* watermelon
* ground beef and onions
* twilight (yes the book, but actually the time of day when it looks dull outside and the bugs haven't come out yet. when headlights are necessary but useless)
* hearing stories that mom hadnt told me in the past
* a nice day trip to the ocean
* making greeting cards
* granola on yogurt
* pepperoni pizza
* holding hands

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