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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boeing Family Day August 23rd 2009

sunday morning, sam and I got up at 7am. eeek. we headed into Everett at about 8am to meet my cousins and aunt and uncle at catherine's house (my wonderful cousin). From there, we all drove together in two cars (just barely fitting everyone in...jam packed circus style literally) to the Boeing factory for BOEING FAMILY DAY. I had an awesome time visiting with my cousin Leslie and her three young children (jeffrey, talia and coral) that are visiting from Germany for a bit (the family i stayed with last march-june). i also had a ton of fun seeing aunt connie, uncle rudy and megan who live in idaho (they brought along cousin emily's exchange student olga who is 16 years old and too cute). catherine is the Boeing employee and the reason we were able to enjoy this day looking at planes and being outside and being together.
here are a few of the photos taken from that day.



talia. my favorite picture of her.

leslie and i

megan and i

here are the pictures of us circus packed in the back seat of catherine's car. it was a lot of fun and laughs being so close to one another.

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kuna granny said...

A good time was had by all! Oh yeah, Rudy wanted to see more airplanes.....