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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

record high

well, dennis bounds (one of my favorite people alive) told me today (along with many other news anchors) that this is the hottest day in recorded history in seattle. in our van the highest temperature i saw on the outdoor meter thingy was 104. and that was near 5pm tonight. as far as i can tell, it seems to be the peak in the weather luckily though. saturday at noon i will have to go out to eastern washington to retrieve some girls and gear from girls camp and i'm hoping the weather cools off to a nice 80 by that time. i will have eli with me that day, so any leeway i can get would be awesome. turns out two year olds hate the heat just as much if not more than adults...huh. lol. lots of otterpops and lemonade are going in lately.
i am sitting at the computer with a bag of ice that i put in a different place on my body as soon as i cant stand how cold it is in that certain spot. its not helping out much... uhh
oh! and i get really angry and impatient when im overheated. ive realized this with this weather. and the patience wears out fastest with two year olds. ive decided its not a good idea to see my friends in this heat due to the fact that i probably wouldnt be such good company. sweaty, angry, impatient ashley is very unlike regular fun nice luke warm ashley.

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