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Monday, July 27, 2009

who loves the sun? who cares that it makes plants grow?

HOOTTTT. too hot for my comfort today.
this morning i woke at 630 and got readay and out the door by 645 to be at the church building at 7am to take girls to girlscamp. it was nice weather at 7am this morning. why cant it be 60 degrees all day long again?
i got home about 10am and the weather was still cool, but i did some laundry and went on the computer and by noon it was really hot out. i havent checked the temperature since this morning. i dont think i really want to know how hot its getting.
my way of staying cool-ish this afternoon is by laying flat on my floor with my ipod on random shuffle of my five stars songs and a 7up by my side with the fan on full blast in my face.

tonight we are having a lady from church and her husband over for pasta salad and hamburgers and frozen yogurt pie. the news said it will be 80 degrees at midnight tonight. ouch. at least we will have good company to spend the time before the gross evening awaiting us.
elisabeth had her rectal surgery this morning at 8am, with a check-in time of 6am. yikes. at least thats an easy way to assure she doesnt have any food in her system. her mother and my parents went to childrens hospital this morning for the surgery while sam slept and i was taking the girls to girlscamp. they arrived home about 2pm after having lunch and picking stuff up at the store for tonight's dinner gathering.
so its been a really full and hot day. yuck.
but i love my ipod. and my fan. and my 7up. its the little things in life...

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