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Friday, April 13, 2007

My hands are my most useful tool

You know what I don’t enjoy? When I got my car back from the shop after it had died THREE times in the last two weeks, the seat positioning was all messed up. Why cant they just leave it how it was because they were only fixing it? Its not like they went on a long road trip or something. Arg. Whatever. When I got in the car, I had a “return to me” moment when the dude gets in his car after valet returns it and his knees like touch his chest. It was not quite like that, but my legs were definitely bent. Haha. Its not THAT much of a disturbance, just its annoying when you get in and find that you are not in the same seat that you always like. Man…and it takes a while to get it back to where it was just right.

I’m a bit excited to drive the car tonight because it has a whole new piece in it. Like a heart transplant. Maybe. I don’t know what the distributor would be the equivalent to in a human body, but we’ll stick with heart. For now…

This scarf i made the other day when my mother and i went to knit with some elderly ladies we know in town. i had never used the thick and quick to make a scarf, so i ventured. and look what i gained. a pretty colorful scarf. yay.

Last week i knit my first pair of socks. they are so awesome.

The first one took me a day or two, but i could hardly wait to finish them, so i sat through 3 hours of making the second one. and tada! done. excitement!

My next project which i started last night is a sweatshirt for me. it is light brownish. im still working on the hood. im going to try and not start any other projects while i work through the sweatshirt to see how long it will take me in one stretch. tricky. its a self race. kindof.

This first image was day one of knitting the hood.

and this one was today (day two)

It is getting rather heavy, i can hardly wait to be done. already. i know it takes one bite at a time, but man. come on!

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