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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Knit and Tonic

im beveraging in my "on the rocks" glass. i love it. its a smaller portion of whatever beverage i choose (now being lemonade), and i feel like a lush when i keep refilling it, but it gets the job done. lol.
in recent news (of which i am not thoroughly certain on all the details) there was some sort of prison riot today somewhere in the states. i know that is a very vague summary because well, i dont watch cnn all day long. i was just lookin through things and saw that as a tagline. oh well. prison riots happen. life goes on...unless you were killed in one of the prison riots. lol. i'll stop. umm...i did some more laundry and dishes today and im not currently working on the sweater, although i wanted to finish it by knitting club tonight, but seeing as how for some reason (to write to monika online) i am putting it off. i can only do straight knitting for so long in one sitting sometimes, and today is one of those times.
Here's more progress photos of the sweater:
April 19 2007
April 23 2007
so now im working on the homestretch. It needs to be 24 inches long from the back of the neck, and then add 2 inches of K1P1 rib. fun, but time consuming.

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