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Monday, March 19, 2007

a recap on monotony

lol, first song i had to listen to today was "you're so vain" just because. yeah. i woke at like 11:30 and had to take my sister sam to the bank and then to destiny by design because she's training to be a receptionist there. that should be fun. for her. i have to take her everyday and bring her home. yay for ashley's lack of independance. man...someday ill show this town!
so i woke up and my phone had been in the living room, sad day. if my phone was with me in my room, i wouldve woken up to talk to my friend monika before she left THE COUNTRY. oh well, at least now i have her on my messages for whenever i need a bit of monika voice. i plan on definately starting experimenting with the movie part of my sister's camera so i can send monika ashley video from the homeland. im excited. my facebook status is "ashley is now one monika away from complete". nice. she will be missed.
so i dont know what i am going to do today, i just put some laundry in the washer, so i gues that answers that question. today i'll do a lot of laundry. i need to wash my bedding as well. laundry is going down today! take that washer!
well, as of right now, unfortunately i cant think of anything else, but fear not, i will write WHENEVER i find anything interesting to say, or anything not interesting but that i just have to say....it will work.
ashley OUT

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